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Free, Portable Applications to Simulate Mouse, Keyboard Activity

Does your computer automatically sleep or disturb your presentations due to “idleness” ? Then here are two freeware portable applications to simulate mouse and keyboard activity to keep your computer awake.


MouseJiggle is a tiny utility that simulates mouse activity by jiggling your mouse cursor.

Simply run the application and check the ‘enable jiggle’ check box to start jiggling. And if you don’t like a jiggling cursor, enable Zen jiggle. In this mode, mouse movement is simulated, however the cursor remains at the same place on-screen.

MouseJiggler works on all Windows versions.
Download: MouseJiggle

Caffeine is a tiny utility that sits in the system tray and simulates a keypress once every 59 seconds, making the computer think you’re still working at the keyboard.

Caffeine doesn’t have an interface, so to enable or disable simulation, just double-click on the application’s icon in the system tray.

Caffeine also has support for seven command line switches that you can use to alter its behavior. Commands are listed at the download page.

Download: Caffeine

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