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SourceKit – A Text Editor for Google Chrome that Syncs with Dropbox

As add-ons and extensions get more and more mature, the gap between desktop and web applications continues to get shorter. Here’s a new app called SourceKit, that looks like the Mac desktop application Textmate,  but actually stays inside Google Chrome.

SourceKit is a clean and user-friendly text editor application for Google Chrome, which synchronizes all documents with your Dropbox account.

After authroizing SourceKit access to your account, it will fetch and list all your files and folders in a sidebar. From there you can open an existing file and edit it, or create a new one.

SourceKit supports tab interface, which allows you to open and work on multiple documents at a time. Look of the app can be customized with controls at the top of editing window.

SourceKit is avilable for download at Chrome Web Store.

Download: SourceKit for Google Chrome

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