Chat on Facebook, Yahoo, Skype & more while Surfing on Google Chrome

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If you use multiple instant messaging services to stay connected with your friends, it can be a little difficult to mangage them all. As each instant service has it’s own client, you need to install multiple software on your computer. IMO simplifies things for you.

IMO is a web-based chat app that also offers a Google Chrome extension and mobile app for Android and iPhone. Using this app you can chat on multiple messaging and social networks.

IMO Instant Messenger

IMO currently supports Facebook, Yahoo, Google Talk, Skype, MySpace, MSN Messenger, AIM and ICQ. You can log in to one or all of those services and also access your entire contact list. In addition to text based chat,  IMO also enables you to do voice and video chat with your friends.

The IMO browser extension for Google Chrome makes IMO’s usage even more convenient. With it you can chat while surfing through different websites. The extension gives you sound alerts, desktop notifications and shows the number of unread messages.

IMO Google Chrome extension

It also enables you to set a universal status on all instant messaging service that you are signed into.

All service that IMO offers are free and easy to use. Just enter your username and password and select the instant message service that you want to log into. In addition to chat, IMO also has a photo sharing tool (2GB) and file sharing service. Uploaded files can be at most 100 MB and will be available for 24 hours. If you want, you can save all your chat history on IMO.

By using the Link Accounts feature you can link multiple accounts you want to sign into. This feature automatically log you into other linked accounts without you having to log into them separately.

IMO and its Chrome extension coupled, provides a great instant messaging experience on Google Chrome.

Download: Instant Messaging Notifier