The Final Build of Opera 11 is Out!

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Opera software has released the final version of the Opera 11 web browser for Windows, Mac and Linux today.

The major change from version 10 are:

  • Extension support
  • Extension allows you to add new features and enhance Opera. Download extension from

  • Tab Stacking
  • Tab stacking allows you to organize your tabs by simply dragging one tab on top of another and forming a group.

  • Visual mouse gestures
  • Visual mouse gestures lets you navigate backward and forward, open new pages, close tabs and more by only using your mouse.

Other changes include:

  • An enhanced address bar that makes surfing easier on the Internet by keeping you on the safe side.
  • An improved mail module.
  • Inbuilt support for Google search suggestions.
  • New bookmarks bar that gives you easy access to your bookmarks and replaces the old bar.
  • Server-side events and HTML5 Web Sockets Support Extend for new Web standards.
  • Auto-Update feature that checks if you have the latest versions of your extensions and Unite applications installed.
  • Plug-ins can be configured to load only when required and thus increases speed.
  • New app-tab mode that shrinks and shifts pinned tabs to the left.
  • Improved rendering engine.
  • An a lighter and faster installation.

Download: Opera 56.0.3051.31 (Windows-x64), Mac (13.17 MB) and other versions from here.