Close All Duplicate Opera Tabs With a Single Click

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If you are like me and work with many tabs open, then there are chances that you may end up having multiple tabs open of a site. Here’s an excellent extension that I found in the Opera extensions repository that you will find pretty useful in this situation.

Close duplicates allows you to close all duplicate tabs with a single click.

Close Duplicates

The extension checks for duplicate tabs by comparing URLs of all the opened tabs in the current browser window. If it finds any, it’s indicated in the extension icon with the total number. Now, with a single click on the icon all duplicate tabs will be closed.

Awesome, right? But you need to be a little careful using it. As the extension’s quite new, it lacks some features.

Close duplicates starts killing tabs from the right-side of the window. So if you are working on a newer tab and click on the button, it will close that tab, including all other duplicates but keep the old (first) tab intact, which may result in loss of work.

It also doesn’t show you duplicate tabs name and instead closes all of them at the same time. These are some features I found missing and hope the developer adds it in the next release.

Update: Close duplicates doesn’t seem to work with newer Opera versions. Here’s a working alternative No Dupes.

Install: Close duplicates for Opera