Password Protect Firefox Bookmarks with Link Password

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Firefox users can password protect saved user names and passwords from prying eyes by creating a master password but ever thought how you can protect your favorites and bookmarks from others? Here’s Link Password, a Firefox extension that does the job by encrypting your links with a password.

Install the extension and restart Firefox. Now you can encrypt an individual link or a bookmark folder containing multiple links. For either, just right-click on the item you want to protect and select the encrypt option from the context menu.

Link Password encrypts links with AES encryption, so you will be prompted for a new password. To further protect your privacy, you have the option of renaming the link(s) while encrypting to prevent any guesses. Now the link(s) will be disguised by a random name and will be password protected.

Now, whenever you or anyone else try to visit the link they will be prompted for a password. Without it the link will be inaccessible.

If at anytime you wish to decrypt the links, you can do so by just right-clicking and selecting the decrypt option. Unfortunately the renamed links won’t be renamed back while decrypting and you have to do it manually.

Download: Link Password for Firefox

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