Firefox Bookmarks

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Bookmarks (also called Favorites in some browsers) let you save links to pages in Firefox. You can easily revisit pages without having to remember the address or search for them again, much like using bookmarks in a book.

How to bookmark a page?
There are many ways to bookmark a page. Listed below are the most common ways of bookmarking a page for later use:

Bookmark Star
The Bookmark Star is used for creating or removing a bookmark. Clicking the star once will automatically place the bookmark in your Unsorted Bookmarks folder. The Unsorted Bookmarks folder contains bookmarks that are not shown in your menu or toolbar. Clicking the star twice allows for user customization.

To create a bookmark using the bookmark star:

  • Click the star:
  • Clicking once will automatically place the bookmark in the Unsorted Bookmarks folder
  • Clicking twice will bring up the Edit Bookmark dialog.
  • Fill in the required information and choose a folder. For a complete list of folders click the drop down arrow to the right of the Folder: field.

Bookmarks menu
To bookmark the page you are currently viewing, click on the Bookmarks menu and choose Bookmark This Page….

Keyboard shortcut
To bookmark a page using the keyboard, press Ctrl+D.

Context menu
Right-click Hold down the Ctrl key while you click anywhere on the page and choose Bookmark This Page; or right-click hold down the Ctrl key while you click on the page’s tab’s title and choose Bookmark This Tab.

Drag and drop
Click on the tab you want to bookmark, or click on the favicon in the location bar.
Drag it to the Bookmarks toolbar and let go. The bookmark is automatically created (Firefox uses the page title for the bookmark’s name).
You can also drag the bookmark to the Bookmarks menu or sidebar and drop it in an existing folder.

Where to find bookmarks:
You can find your saved bookmarks the following ways

Bookmarks toolbar
The first place you’ll see bookmarks is the Bookmarks Toolbar, located below the main toolbar. Firefox comes with a few bookmarks on the toolbar to help get you started. You can remove these, or leave them there, and add your own.

Bookmarks menu
You can see all your bookmarks, including the bookmarks on the Bookmarks Toolbar, by opening the Bookmarks menu, in the menu bar. The Bookmarks Toolbar Folder contains the bookmarks that you can see on the Bookmarks Toolbar.

Bookmarks sidebar
You can also see all your bookmarks by opening the Bookmarks Sidebar, which is a small panel that opens to the left of the page you’re viewing.
To open the Bookmarks sidebar, open the View menu, choose Sidebar and then select Bookmarks from the submenu. You can also open the Bookmarks Sidebar using the keyboard, by pressing Ctrl+B.

Library window
You can see both your bookmarks and history using the Library window. To open the Library window, click on the Bookmarks menu and select Organize Bookmarks….
You can use the Library window to browse your bookmark folders, or to search for pages you’ve bookmarked. If you want to find a page you’ve bookmarked, but you can’t remember the location where you saved it, open the Library window and search using its Search Bookmarks bar.

Smart Location Bar
You can quickly find pages you’ve bookmarked by using the Smart Location Bar. In the Location bar, type a few letters of the bookmarked page’s name, web address, or tag name, and Firefox will display it. You can also use the Location bar to find pages when you know you’ve bookmarked them, but can’t remember where you saved them.