Opera 11 Will Support Extensions

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Opera announced that version 11 of Opera browser will support extensions.

It means Opera’s desktop browser will get the ability to be customized by users via extensions just like Chrome and Firefox. Opera 11 Alpha will be available soon at http://www.opera.com/browser/next/

Additional information about Opera 11 extension support:

What are Opera Extensions?
We are committed to open web standards and this is an important part of our strategy, so if you find us deviating from other solutions out there, this might be why.
Extensions in Opera is a way for you to easily add new functionality to your Opera browser experience. Developers can easily create extensions using open standards (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript) and supported APIs.
Extensions will be based on the W3C Widget specifications and this is being considered for an Open Standard effort.

Will Opera Extensions be similar to extensions in other browsers?
Yes, Opera Extensions will be similar in some ways and we have tried to make it easy to port extensions from certain browsers.

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