Rename Google Chrome Tabs to Disguise Your Activity

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If you are not comfortable with people looking at your tabs’ names, or if you are playing games or visiting sites your aren’t supposed to while at work you have to be on alert all the time. A quick look at the tab by anyone will reveal your activity to them even if you have minimized the browser. Well, fear no more, this extension is designed just for you.

Tab Renamer is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to rename your tabs and thereby disguising it into anything you want.

It offers two ways to rename a tab: a Quick Change option or by manually entering each time.

When Quick Change is enabled, you can choose from a preset of fake titles or set your own title and favicon in advance. Then with a single click on the Tab Renamer icon it will change the title of the active tab to the defined preset.

If you disable the Quick Change option, you will have to type a title each time you want to rename a tab.

If you are a Twitter fan, you can also have a look at my earlier post that shows how one can disguise Twitter as an Excel spreadsheet.

Firefox users can use TabRenamizer to achieve the same result.

Install: Tab Renamer