Expand Short URLs in Google Chrome

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When a URL is shortened, you don’t know where it will be redirected to until you click on it. So, there are chances that you may end up on a malicious site.
On sites like Twitter, you can be careful about whose links you click on but you are still trusting those users. There have been cases before of Twitter accounts getting hijacked, so you can’t be always sure.
The risk can be reduced though if you are able to preview the original URL before visiting a link. So, here are three Chrome extensions that can help you with it.

Miniscurl URL Shortener/Expander

Miniscurl URL Shortener/Expander is a Chrome extension that can shorten and expand any URL.

Whenever you get a short URL on any page, just right-click on it and select “Expand.” The original long URL will be revealed to you in a popup box.

In addition to expanding, Miniscurl can also shorten URLs with your choice of service. To shorten a long URL, right click on it and select “Shorten“. You also have the option of sharing the new short URL on Twitter and Facebook.


  • Fast access from the Miniscurl button.
  • Supports over 50 different services, including bit.ly, goo.gl, TinyURL.com, longurl.org, longurlplease.com and many more.
  • Shorten or expand urls with a right click.
  • Integrates with Facebook and Twitter.

Install: Miniscurl URL Shortener/Expander


LongURL is a simple extension with great use. It works in the background and you won’t even notice it.

Install the extension and browse web pages as you normally do. Whenever you visit a new web page, the extension will scan it for short URLs, if anything is found, LongURL will automatically decode the URL and show you the target page title in place of the short url.

When you place your cursor over the title, you can see additional information about the original page such as the long URL, title, keywords, description, media type and also the original short url that was replaced. This allows you to be totally sure about where you will go on clicking the link.

LongURL supports 235(at the time of writing) services. If you don’t shorten URLs much then go with this extension.

Install: LongURL

ChromeMUSE – Multi-URL Shortener/Expander

ChromeMUSE is another Chrome extension that can shorten and expand URLs.

ChromeMUSE scans web pages for short URLs and automatically updates the target URL. Then when you hover mouse over a short link and you will be able to see the title of the the website as a tooltip and the link at the bottom-left corner of the screen.

Install: ChromeMUSE – Multi-URL Shortener/Expander