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Extract Audio, Video and Subtitle from MKV Video Files

MKVcleaver is an application which works as a GUI for MKVToolnix. Using it you can extract audio, video, subtitles, and other data from from a MKV Container file.


  1. To start off, download and install/extract both MKVcleaver and MKVToolnix to your computer.
  2. Start MKVcleaver and show the application path to MKVToolnix.
  3. Next browse and add the MKV file you want to extract data from. Alternatively you can also drag and drop the MKV file.
  4. Once loaded it will list all data available in the container in the right-side bar. There select the data you want to extract.
  5. Finally set the output directory and hit the “Extract Tracks !” button.

After completion of the process, you can find the data in the output directory you specified.

If you wish you can also convert an MKV video file into an AVI format.

Download: MKVcleaverMKVToolnix

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