Upload MP3, WAV and M4V Files to YouTube

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YouTube does not allow one to upload any kind of audio files. The only way to do it was to first convert the audio into a video file and then uploading it. Now with MP32Tube you can avoid this and directly upload any MP3, WAV or M4V files to YouTube.

To upload:

  1. Go to Mp32Tube.
  2. Select an image that you want to use as a thumbnail for your video.
  3. Select an audio file.
  4. Fill in details about the video
  5. Optional: Make the video private instead of it being shared with everyone.
  6. Then click on the “upload” button and grant MP32Tube access to your account or you can now download the video in MP4 format.

MP32Tube connects to your Youtube account through Google’s AuthSub API, so you don’t have to give out your password to it.

MP32Tube’s basic version is offered free of charge but it also has premium accounts with more features: multiple image and audio file upload, no waiting times and faster speed.

Visit: mp32tube

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