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Manage & Keep Track of Your Software Serials with Product Key Manager

Product Key Manager is a free utility program that will help you keep track of all your software serials keys and product keys in one safe location.
In the main window of the program you will be able to view all added products. If the list grows long, you can quickly find a specific product using the search toolbar found at the bottom of the window.

To add a new product, click on the yellow (sun-like) button or go to File > New. A new dialog as below opens up:

Fill in the product name and its key. You can also add additional notes, if required. For better visual and identification of the product, set a custom product icon. Icons are not saved in the program database, so keep the .ICO files at a location where it cannot be moved or deleted unknowingly.

To edit an existing product key, select it and click on the rename icon in the main window. And to remove a product, hit the red delete button.

Using the export feature of the program, you can backup the product keys and the program settings. To export, go to File > Export, and choose an output XML format. Similarly, to import, go to File > Import, and browse to the saved XML file.

Requirement:  Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP 1

Download: Product Key Manager