Track File Deletion in Real-Time with Deletion Extension Monitor

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Deletion Extension Monitor is a free Windows application that can track and log files being deleted from the system in real time.

To start monitoring, simply start the program and keep an eye on the program window. The list will populate instantly when a file is deleted by any process or even you.

Deletion Extension Monitor
Deletion Extension Monitor

In the report, you can see the deleted file name, its size, process that deleted it, and the date and time a deletion was made. You can sort any of the columns by clicking on it. This will make it easier to spot a particular program or file. The program adds a system tray icon. From there, you can disable/enable monitoring, configure the tool and view the report any time.

The application monitors files based on its extension. By default, it monitors only a few extension types (EXE, DLL, TXT, TMP, PDF and so on). But you can change that and view the list of all pre-configured extensions by going to Click Monitoring > File Extensions. Here, you can also add any new extension you want or delete any existing one.

The program can also be run in stealth mode. When activated, it silently monitors files without alerting a user, and program is hidden from both system tray and the taskbar. Stealth mode is activated by pressing a keyboard combination. You can configure it from Settings > Configure.

Another handy feature available is the ability to backup low-files before deletion. This option can be enabled by checking the box ‘Copy Low-Level File Deletions’ under settings.

This is not a tool you’ll often use, but occasionally it could help. For instance, it can let you know which files are automatically being deleted by a program or an uninstaller.

Deletion Extension Monitor is available as an installer and portable version, and is compatible with all Windows versions.

Download: Deletion Extension Monitor | via Instant Fundas