Identify Unknown File Types with Smart File Advisor

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Smart File Advisor is a free application that helps you to identify an unknown file type and in finding an appropriate program to open it.

Smart File Advisor

Smart File Advisor works by replacing the native Window’s association search feature. The application is automatically launched when you try to open a file that no program is associated with.

The first option in the app offers to search the FileFacts database for an appropriate program to open the file type. It’s also optionally possible to send the first 20 bytes of the file along with the search. This is useful if you feel the file has a wrong extension.

The second option displays the regular Windows dialog to select a program to open the file.

Smart File Advisor also includes an MD5, SHA-1 and CRC32 checksum tool for verifying the integrity of files you download from the Internet. This “Checksum” option can be found in the right-click menu of any file in Windows Explorer.

Smart File Advisor works on all versions of Windows.

Download: Smart File Advisor (via)