Mail Files Directly from your Windows context menu with MailMyFile

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MailMyFile is a tiny windows application which makes sending mail attachments a simple task. No need of dedicated email clients or even a browser.


All you need to do is, right-click on a file and select on the MailMyFile menu item and the mail is sent.

Download the app from the link below and install. On first run a Settings windows is opened. In that fill in the following details:

  • Username: your email ID.
  • Password: email password (passwords are encrypted before they are saved in settings)
  • Host: email providers SMTP URL. Ex. Hotmail:, GMail:, Yahoo:
  • Port: port used for sending email. Ex. 25 or 587
  • Sendto: the email address to send the email to
  • Title:  email subject
  • Message: message body of the email
  • Attachments: attached file

If you select the “Auto Send Mail” option, emails are send automatically, without prompting you to the address specified in “Email to:” field.

All these settings are saved in your Windows documents directory in a MailMyFile folder. To change settings at a later time right-click on a file by holding shift key and you will see a “MailMyFile Settings” entry or you can run “Settings.exe” from the documents folder.

MailMyFile works on Windows7, Vista and XP.

Download: MailMyFile