Disable, Block and Remove Ads In Yahoo Messenger?

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Yahoo Messenger is a free IM client, however it shows some ads at the bottom of the messenger window, some of the ads are Ok, however there are certain ads like “Find singles” etc, which users would rather not prefer to see.
If you are a Yahoo Messenger user who want to remove ads from the IM window, here are few options which will help you do it.

Option 1:
This is a simple option using which you can disable, block and remove ads from Yahoo Messenger.
A software utility called A-Patch for Yahoo Messenger will help you remove ads from Yahoo messenger, it also allows users to run multiple instances of yahoo messenger on the same PC.
Download A-Patch for Yahoo Messenger [34.8Kb]

Option 2: To Remove Ads From Yahoo Messenger
Completely close Yahoo Messenger and exit the application, after you have done that download this Yahoo Messenger Ad Remover Windows Batch File (.bat) and execute it.
This batch will make some registry changes that will disable the ads from being shown when using Yahoo messenger. More information about this ad remover can be found here.