Silence Unwanted Conversations with "Smart Mute" in Gmail

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Google has added a new Labs feature in Gmail called Smart Mute, which is just a smarter version of the existing mute feature and it also quietens unwanted email threads that aren’t actually spam.

The mute feature gave Gmail users a way to to mute a mail conversation—yes, the one’s you lost interest in after the fifth email and it’s getting onto about 25 messages now. Muting a conversation prevents it from re-entering your email inbox. The problem with existing mute was that, if emails were still addressed to you, they would show up in your inbox.

Once this new feature is enabled, muted conversations will only appear in your inbox if a new message in the conversation is addressed to you and no one else, or a new email in the conversation adds you to “To” or “Cc” line. The Smart Mute will change mute behavior across all versions of Gmail: web, mobile, Android, etc.

To enable it, go “Settings” in Gmail and click on “Labs.” Now find “Smart Mute,” “Enable” it, and click on “Save changes.” That’s it!

Now whenever you find an unwanted conversations, just click on “More Actions” button and select “Mute.”

There are two ways to unmute a message: either from the More actions drop-down or by removing the Muted label when you’re viewing a muted message.