Google Earth 6 with Improved Street View, Historical Imagery, and 3D Trees

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Google has released Google Earth 6 beta for Windows, OS X and Linux.

This beta version doesn’t add any huge new features, but increases usability and realism by tying the 3D Earth images to those captured in Street View, and by adding 3D rendered trees.

Although previously Google Earth featured 3D buildings it lacked a certain amount of greenery, thus there are now also 3D trees.

Another feature of the update is improved historical imagery. This is a really innovative addition which allows users to look at map views at different times, such as before and after the Haitian earthquake in January this year. Although this feature was available in the previous version of Google Earth the date of the imagery going back the furthest has been added to the status bar.

Read more here at the official post.

Download: Google Earth 7.3