Automatically Unhide Files & Restore Shortcuts On Virus Infected PCs

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Unhide.exe IconUnhide.exe is a portable tool that, as the name suggests, unhides files. This tiny program can automatically unhide user documents and files back to how they are supposed to be on a system, where a virus had hidden them from view. Along with unhiding hidden files, it can also restore deleted start menu shortcuts.

It’s quite simple to operate this tool. All you have to do is download the program and run it by double-clicking on the Unhide.exe executable file. It will then scan your entire system, on fixed disks, for hidden files and automatically unhide it by removing the +H (hidden) attribute. It will not, though, unhide any files that also have the +S (system) attribute. If there are any files that you had purposely hidden, then you will have to hide them again after running this tool.

The program runs through the command prompt and doesn’t give you any control over the scan process, apart from ending, which you can do by simply closing the command prompt.

This is an extremely useful tool if you have been recently hit by the rogue System Fix viruses. It functions fast and you don’t have to do anything.

Download: Unhide

If you like doing things manually and don’t want to depend on any program then here is an alternative command that, basically does the same but without the automatic restoration of shortcuts, removes the hidden attribute from files. Launch command prompt and type in this command:

ATTRIB -H /S /D C:\*.*

This will remove the +h attribute from all files on the ‘C:\’ drive.

If you are facing any non admin error, try running this command:

ATTRIB -S -H /S /D C:\*.*