Repair Corrupted or Virus Disabled Windows Safe Mode with SMFixer

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Safe Mode is a feature thats available in all versions of Windows. It is often used to troubleshoot a PC and is quite useful in determining and fixing critical system errors.

For this reason, many a times when a computer gets infected by a virus, it disables the Safe Mode among other things to prevent you from removing them. In such situations, it becomes almost impossible to do any repairs and re-installing Windows remains the only option.

Here Windows Safe Mode Fixer comes in focus. Safe Mode Fixer or SMFixer is a tiny portable application that can fix unresponsive and corrupted Windows Safe Mode and give you back full control over your computer.


The application interface consists of just three buttons and some information on how to use it. Here click on the Fix button to repair Safe Mode. Doing so will immediately reboot your system. So make sure that you save all your work before taking such an action.

When the system reboots, press “F8” key and you will be able to boot into safe mode once again.

Note: Make sure that no security program is blocking access for SMFixer on your system as it requires administrative privileges to function properly.

SMFixer works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download: SMFixer