Find All Encrypted and Disguised TrueCrypt Containers on Windows

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TCHunt is a free portable application that can be used to find all encrypted and disguised TrueCrypt containers on a Windows system. This can be handy if you forgot where you placed your TrueCrypt volume.


Many users disguise their TrueCrypt volumes by giving them random filenames and extensions, however TCHunt completely ignores filenames and extensions, and uses file attributes for detecting encrypted volumes.

Following file attributes are looked upon by TCHunt:

  • The suspect file size modulo 512 must equal zero.
  • The suspect file size is at least 19 KB.
  • The suspect file contents pass a chi-square distribution test.
  • The suspect file must not contain a common file header.

To search for containers, accept the terms of service on program start, and select a root folder which you wish to scan. The application will then scan all files based on the attributes above and list each found containers in the program interface. However, it stops here. TCHunt can only detect volumes but not crack the password. So, original password is still required to open the container file.

TCHunt works on Windows 7, Vista and XP.

Download: TCHunt