Add Mouse Gestures Support in Windows with Just Gestures

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Just Gestures is a freeware application that brings mouse gesture support to Windows Explorer. Using it, you can perform tasks such as to open a new window or a webpage, minimize windows, increase/decrease volume, and many more.

Just Gestures
Just Gestures

When you first launch the application, a wizard takes you through a brief orientation teaching you how to use your mouse buttons. This can be accessed again from Options > Gestures.

By default, Just Gestures comes with a selection of useful predefined mouse gestures. More gestures can be created by selecting an option from the available seven categories: Windows Options, Windows Shell, Volume Options, Media Options, Internet Options, Send Keystrokes, and Wheel-button actions. That covers up almost all actions you may need.

Gestures can be made to function globally or only in a specific application. For the latter, you first need to add a new application group. To do so, click the Add Application Group button in the Just Gestures toolbar, browse to the .exe file of the application you wish to add, and add it. Now click the toolbar button to Add New Gesture and under Application Sensitivity, select “Under specific application,” then select the desired program from the list.

Just Gestures can be started with Windows, and runs from the system tray.

Just Gestures is available for Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Download: Just Gesutres