Control Windows Volume With Keyboard Shortcuts

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SimpleSndVol is a freeware utility that lets you control system volume using global hotkeys. Hotkeys can be set to increase and decrease volume, and to mute. There are other apps like 3RVX that does the same, but this little app is fast, light on memory usage, and gives the classic Windows look and feel.

SimpleSndVol sits in the system tray and functions similar to the default Windows volume controller. According to the developer, SimpleSndVol was developed because he hated how Windows made him click through several windows just to adjust the volume balance. So now with a single click you can use the slider on the app to adjust speaker volume balance.

It also lets you change the system tray icon. By default it comes with six icons theme, but you can also create and use your own theme.

With these features this tool can be used as replacement to the default volume controller. But before that you need to hide the Windows volume icon from the system tray, as you surely wouldn’t want them both there.

To do that, search for “Show or hide volume (speaker) icon on the taskbar” in start menu search, and open it.

In the new window that opened, change “Volume” system icon’s value to ‘Off.’

Hide Volume Icon in System Tray
Hide Volume Icon in System Tray

That’s it. Windows volume icon is now hidden from system tray. Next, add SimpleSndVol to the Startup folder to automatically run it when you login in Windows. It will now function exactly like the original app, and there’s a good chance you won’t miss that when using this.

SimpleSndVol supports Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

Update: SimpleSndVol is no longer available for download on the original website. Below download is a copy I had with me. It’s the most recent one available.

Download: SimpleSndVol

Note: Download page is in Russian. The app was found clean when scanned using Virus Total.

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