Extract Images from PDF Files or Convert PDF Pages to Images

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Fusion PDF Image Extractor is an open source utitlity that can be used to automatically extract all images from a PDF file. In addition to the image extractor, it also comes with the iTextSharp library and GhostScript to turn PDF pages to images, allowing you to extract whole pages as images.

Fusion PDF Image Extractor
Fusion PDF Image Extractor

To extract images, simply specify a PDF file followed by an output folder, and click on the “Extract Images” button to begin the image extraction process.

By default, it doesn’t use GhostScript script to convert PDF pages into images, but you can enable it by selecting the “Use Ghostscript for PDF whole page conversion” option. Exported images are in JPEG format.

If you want the program to open the folder containing images after processing is complete, then tick the “View files in output folder after conversion” box too.

One downside of this application is that it doesn’t let you select pages to extract images from. It either converts the entire document or nothing.

Fusion PDF Image Extractor is available both as an installer version and portable version for Windows. Download the ZIP file at the link below for the portable version.

Download: Fusion PDF Image Extractor