Know Sites Accessed By Users In Private Browsing Mode

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You think Private browsing mode is enough to protect your privacy and hide your web activities? For those who don’t know what Private browsing mode is – it’s a feature in a browser that allows you to surf the internet on a computer without leaving any traces. This means that no data is written to the cache and no cookies are stored. This feature is available on most modern browsers.

You might feel safer using that mode but there are still ways to find out which sites have been accessed in private browsing mode.

Windows has a feature called DNS cache, it records all domain names and IP addresses of every website opened by a user in a web browser on Windows. This also includes sites accessed by some plug-in or any script.

Here is how you can view all the contents of the DNS cache:
Open command prompt and type in ipconfig /displaydns and hit Enter.

You can see all the websites that have been stored in the DNS cache.

To completely protect your privacy you should flush the DNS cache. This can be done with the command ipconfig /flushdns. This will delete all website records stored in the DNS cache.

via gHacks