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Organize Your Applications on Virtual Taskbars with MultiTabber

Multi-Tabberis a new app for the Windows platform that allows users to organize and group their applications into virtual taskbars. It can simulate up to 10 virtual desktops.

Multi-Tabber Tabs

Desktop instances are represented by small dots on the screen. By clicking on a particular dot, you are taken to that desktop. Active desktop is indicated by highlighting it.

You can customize the desktop panel by changing its color, position on the screen, and select the number of virtual desktops displayed from its settings option. And if you don’t want the panel to be displayed, you can hide it from the system tray icon. Other settings you can get access to from the system tray includes the option to display panel on top of all windows and to hide the system tray icon itself.

To move an application from one desktop to another, bring it into focus and then right-click on the desktop tab you want to move it to. On closing the app, applications from all other desktops are brought back to the default desktop.

If you want an application or window to be visible across all virtual desktops, you can do so by adding it the exception list (tray icon > Universal Application).

Multi-Tabber Settings

Multi-Tabber is still in beta, so you may face some glitches. During testing I found that it didn’t startup at the desktop position I had set it on, apart from that no crashes or errors.

If you find your taskbar often filled with applications, this is an excellent app. You can also check out a similar software called Desktops I had reviewed earlier, but since that launches a new explorer process for each desktop I found this as a better option.

Multi-Tabber works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

Download: MultiTabber

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