Hide Running Applications from Windows Taskbar

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WinVisible is a handy freeware utility that allows you to hide any running application from the Windows taskbar, with a keyboard shortcut you set. Keyboard shortcut can also be assigned to again show the application, or to even kill the program in the background itself.

Hide running applications with WinVisible
NCS WinVisible

When you run WinVisible, it populates with a list of all running applications and here you can select the applications which needs to be hidden. The list of running process is automatically updated when you run or close any application.

WinVisible can also be configured to hide itself when an application is hidden. Doing so will hide the utility from the Applications tab in Windows Task Manager and from the system tray. However, it can still be found under running processes.

NCS WinVisible comes as an installer, but you can easily carry it on your flash drive as a portable utility by copying the installation directory onto it.

WinVisible is simple yet very useful tool to protect your privacy. Download it at the below link.

Download: WinVisible