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Reopen Accidentally Closed Programs and Windows

Isn’t Ctrl + Shift + T a great shortcut? It comes to our rescue every time we close a browser window accidentally. Too bad Windows doesn’t have a similar feature.

Thanks to GoneIn60s, now we can have a similar ability in Windows.

GoneIn60s is a small application that sits in the system tray and allow you to reopen accidentally closed window or program with a mouse click.

What GoneIn60s does is delay the shutdown of your applications. When you hit the close button, the application is hidden, but it won’t actually close for another 60 seconds. That’s the default time but you can increase this up to 100 seconds.

To reopen a closed window, right-click on the GoneIn60s icon system tray icon and select the window that you want to reopen.

You can also exclude a program from being using this feature by including the program’s name in the “Programs to ignore” list.

GoneIn60s is a portable application and works with all versions of Windows.

Download: GoneIn60s [422 Kb]

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