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Upload Images to Multiple Image Hosting Services

Easy Image Uploader is a portable application that allows you to upload an image to multiple image hosting services from your desktop in just a single click.

Easy Image Uploader

To upload an image, you first need to choose an image, then select the services to which you want to upload the image and finally click on the upload button.

Supported services are:

To upload images to Twitpic and Tumblr, you need to provide the app with your login details. You can also include additional text to images uploaded to these services.

Once an image gets uploaded, you can copy its URL to clipboard by clicking on the ‘C’ button next to the service. And to view the image in your default browser, click on the ‘O’ button.

The program can also add context menu options for uploading images to predefined services from anywhere in Windows. You can configure this setting from the ‘Context Menu’ tab in the program’s interface.

Another handy feature is drop box. When enabled, there would be a floating drop box at the corner of your screen. This simplifies your upload process to a simple drag and drop. The appearance of the drop box is customizable.

If you take many screenshots, there’s a nice capture feature. Which when enabled, allows you to immediately upload a captured to your desired image hosting service(s) and copy the image URL to your clipboard. You can also include the cursor and adjust image quality of the image. Configuration of this feature is in the ‘Capture’ tab.

All in all, a nice, easy to use program that makes uploading images from desktop incredibly simple. A recommended application if you often upload and share images online.

Easy Image Uploader is free and works on all Windows versions.

Download: Easy Image Uploader

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