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Disable Auto-Expanding of Folders Trees In XP

If you have Windows XP installed on your PC then you might have faced this annoyance. Whenever you click on a folder in the left pane of Windows Explorer, it expands the folder and also shows it’s contents in the right window pane. You might be annoyed with this as you might just want to be able to navigate down the tree with out any folders expanding.

Now if you have lots of sub-folders inside a folder and you are trying to find something quickly, you have to wait a while for each folder to expand. It can be quite time consuming.

Here are two ways to disable the folder list from expanding:

Disable Automatic Folder Expansion Using Folder Options

Disable Automatic Folder Expansion Using Registry

After making any of these changes, automatic expansion of sub folders will be disabled. Expanding a folder can now be done by double clicking the folder or clicking on the plus icon.

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