5 Free Online Font Viewers

You may be having hundreds of fonts installed on your computer. Previewing each one of them is not an easy task using the default font viewer. There are many paid font managers available, but why go for a premium app when there are several free solutions that does a great job. So here are five free online tools to preview all your installed fonts.

Online Font Viewer

Online Font Viewer is a web app that does exactly what it’s name suggests. It quickly loads all your installed fonts and lets you preview them with any custom text that you insert into the field provided. You can also select any desired font size, font color and font background color.
Visit: Online Font Viewer has a simple and clean interface. By default it does not load all your fonts, but you need to click on the “load fonts” button. lets you compare fonts by entering your desired text, changing font size and by changing their color to either black font on white background or its inverted. It also has a filter feature using which you can select your favorite fonts among all the fonts and then isolating them.


MyFontbook lets you preview fonts in a list or table format. Once you click on a font, a preview of the same is shown at the bottom of the window. You can also access a Proof Sheet which would display few samples of the Lorem Epsum content.

If you register at the site, which is free, you will also be able to organize your favorite fonts by tagging and rating them, which can help in future projects.
Visit: myFontBook

Flipping Typical

Flipping Typical has an interface similar to but is faster. Flipping Typical detects fonts using Javascript instead of Flash, which means it can work even on those computers which doesn’t have Flash.

Flipping Typical uses keyboard shortcuts to change styles, you need to use Ctrl+b for bold, and Ctrl+i for italic.

If a font is missing in the list, you can type its name inside the top black bar. That will be the default font used for future comparisons. To change selection simply click on another font.
Visit: Flipping Typical

STC FontBrowser

STC FontBrowser has an interface which is pretty similar to a desktop app. All your fonts are shown in a list form. To preview a font simply select it. You can change font size and insert special characters using the tool itself.
Visit: STC FontBrowser