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CMS2CMS: Migrate Site from Drupal or Joomla to WordPress

CMS2CMS is an online tool that allows users to easily migrate their existing site based on Joomla or Drupal to WordPress. The automated content management system migration tool is entirely web-based, and supports migration of textual content, categories, tags, users, post images, and post comments as well. You can migrate to a self-hosted WordPress site and to a one.

The service is free during the beta phase, final pricing is not yet announced.

How to Use

Following are the steps to prepare for your migration:

  1. Download and install WordPress on your new web host to make it available online. If your site is hosted on jump directly to the next step.
  2. Go to CMS2CMS website and provide the URLs of your source site (Joomla or Drupal) and target (WordPress) site in the provided fields.
  3. Register an account on CMS2CMS website by providing your name, email and a password.
  4. Download the Bridge file, unzip it and upload to the root folder on both your sites. This allows data exchange between your websites.
  5. After uploading the file, click on “Verify Connection to your Sites” button to check if everything is OK and the bridge is working correctly. If it is, you’ll be directed to the final step.
  6. Now to start migration process, click on “Run Migration” button.

That’s it! The actual time required for the process depends on the amount of information to be moved. If you have a relatively small site the process will complete in a few minutes, for large sites it may take up to an hour. Meanwhile you can close your browser and do other work. When migration is completed, you’ll be notified via an email.

All-in-all, the service is a quick and easy way to migrate sites between different CMSes without programming knowledge or hours of manual work. As of now, you can only migrate to WordPress, but the service has planned support for other popular CMSes as well.

Visit: CMS2CMS

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