Automatically Move All Facebook Photos to Picasa

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Move2Picasa is a new web service that lets users automatically migrate all their Facebook photos and albums to Picasa.

To use this service, you need to link your Facebook and Picasa accounts. Once done, it will instantly create all albums present on Facebook in Picasa. Required time for migration is directly proportional to the number of photos you have in Facebook and also the number of requests in the migration queue of the service. And its not necessary to keep the page open during the process takes place, so you can safely get back to your work after it starts.

Move2Picasa Status
Move2Picasa Status

Right now, Move2Picasa doesn’t let you control which photos or albums are transferred, so its either all or nothing. Hope the developers add this option.

All transferred albums will have the default privacy setting set in Picasa. So adjust your sharing settings to make sure the photos are visible to only those you wish to share the photos with.

Visit: Move2Picasa

If you want to select and download individual photos, you could use a service called Pick & Zip.