Write a Note Online and Instantly Share it with Notes.io

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Notes.io is a new web app that offers a simple, distraction-free platform for taking notes online, and sharing it instantly with anyone you like.

Notes.io Interface
Notes.io Interface

To create a note, just visit Notes.io, and start typing in the huge text area provided. The more you type here, longer the page gets. At anytime, you can view the note size (in KB) at the bottom right-hand corner of the page. Text can also be pasted from external sources, but links get converted into plain text.

When you are done typing, click on the “short” button, and you will be presented with a shortened URL ready to be shared on Twitter, Facebook, or wherever else you like. It couldn’t be any simpler to use.

More handy features such as ability to attach files, saving, and printing of notes will also be added soon.

Notes.io is a nice tool to instantly record and share ideas with each other. Try it out yourself by visiting the link below.

Visit: Notes.io

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