Download All Your Tagged Photos & Albums from Facebook with Pick & Zip

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It’s quite easy to upload photos to Facebook, but downloading them is another story, especially if you have many albums on the service. or if you’re tagged in many of your friends’ photos. That’s where Pick & Zip comes in handy.

Pick & Zip is a free online tool that lets you download all photos you are tagged-in in a single Zip or PDF file, instead of having to use Facebook’s interface for one-off downloads. Alternatively, you can also view and download entire albums, photos from groups you’ve joined, and pages you’ve liked.

To start using Pick & Zip, you will first need to give it access to your Facebook account. Once done, you will be taken to the app’s main interface. There, just click on the “Find My Photos” button and it will load all your pics up according to both tagging and albums.

Pick & Zip
Pick & Zip

To download photos, you can select individual photos, or download whole album by clicking on the “Select All” button.

Once you make your selection, hit the download tab to get the download options.

Visit: Pick & Zip