Create Your Google+ Branded Profile Image with Me+

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In the recent weeks you might have seen numerous new extensions and apps for the new Google+ social networking site. Here’s another great app for that set.

The new web app, aptly named +Me, lets you quickly create a Google+ branded profile image in just two simple steps. You can see a sample of the result on the right.

To create an image, simply visit the site and upload a picture you want to set as your profile image. +Me has support for JPG, GIF and PNG image types.

Next choose a design from the six on offer by the application. Preview of your selected design is shown instantly.

Once you are happy with a design, click on the “Preview and Download” button to get your image. Image download in not initiated automatically, so you need to right-click on it and save to your computer.

+Me is fast, free and simple to use. Hit the link below to create your image now.

Visit: +Me