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A while back I had written about an app called GTweet, that allows users to subscribe and read twitter tweets in a feed reader. Similarly if you want to follow updates from a specific Google+ user in your feed reader, it’s not possible because RSS feeds are not yet officially supported by Google Plus.

No worries though. There’s a new service called Google Plus Feed available that turns a user’s stream into an RSS feed. Just like the above mentioned GTweet, this service is also hosted on Appspot.

Update 1:
PlusFeed is no longer functional. However, if you’d like to run your own instance of this app, get the source code from GitHub.
Update 2:
There’s a new instance of this app available now. It can be found at :
Update 3:
plusfeed2 is also offline now, but here are two more free services: and GPlusRSS

Its pretty easy to create an RSS feed for a Google+ user. All you require is the user’s profile ID. You can get that by visiting their profile, or by right-clicking on the user name in your stream and copying their profile link.

Below you can see a regular Google+ Profile URL. A user’s ID is the long string of numbers that you see after https:/ I have underlined the ID in the screenshot. Copy those numbers.

Google Plus User ID
Google Plus User ID

Now that you have the ID, add it at the end of the following URL: .

That is your RSS feed URL. You can now add it your favorite feed reader and subscribe to the user’s updates.

Google Plus RSS Feed
Google Plus RSS Feed

Repeat the same steps to subscribe to other Google+ users.

Plus feed website doesn’t have an interface or any customization options. All you need to remember is the URL. Until Google adds native support for RSS, this is a handy app.

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