Read Full Feed Content in Google Reader with Super Google Reader

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Many websites do not provide full content in their feed subscription. If you are using Google Reader to read feeds then an extension can help you to get the full content in it.

Super Google Reader allows you to extend a feed item directly in Google Reader and enables you to read the entire content of any website.

Super Google Reader Preview

After installing the extension, these three buttons will appear next to each post title: “Readable, Link, Feed.” Clicking on “Readable” will featch the entire post from the site, “Link” embedded’s the original webpage directly in an iFrame and “Feed” will show you the default feed.

Keyboard shortcuts:
  • 8: Readable content
  • 9: Iframe content
  • 0: Original feed content

If you are using any browser other than Chrome or want a permanent solution without using an extension check out this post: Convert Partial Feed into Full Feed with WizardRSS

Install: Super Google Reader