Convert Partial Feed into Full Feed with WizardRSS

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Many website owners offer only an excerpt of their original posts in a feed. In order to read the whole post, users have to go to the actual website. If you have subscribed to any such site and prefer reading the whole post in your feed reader, then you will love Wizard RSS.

WizardRSS is a free web service that allows you to convert any partial feed into a full feed and read in the feed reader of your choice.

To start, just enter the feed or website URL of the site into WizardRSS and hit “Create Full Text RSS Feed.” Then you will be forwarded to a new feed URL that will display the most recent full feeds. Copy the URL and enter that into your feed reader. You will have the full post now. Below you can see a preview of the service.

Original Feed:

Feed converted by WizardRSS:

The only downside of WizardRSS is that it will strip the feed off any image or media. That means you will only get a text feed. But if you are ok with the trade off, WizardRSS is the fastest and easiest way to get a full feed from a site that only offers a incomplete one.

Visit: WizardRSS

Update: Another great service to read full RSS feeds, including all images, in a feed reader is Full Text RSS Feed Builder.

Full Text RSS Feed Builder
Full Text RSS Feed Builder

It’s a free service and works the same as earlier mentioned service.

Visit: Full Text RSS Feed Builder