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Converting PDF to ePub online saves you from the hassle of installing any applications on your computer and also makes the book and application accessible from anywhere.

What is ePub?
The ePub(electronic publication) format is a standard eBook format recommended by The International Digital Publishing Forum. ePub eBooks can be read on Android Phones, iPhone, Apple iPad, Sony Reader, Adobe Digital Editions, online on Bookworm, Feedbooks and various other desktop applications.

Here are two websites that can convert eBooks from PDF to ePub:

Epub2Go is a simple online application that can convert PDFs stored on desktop or online to ePub.

On the homepage, select where the PDF is located and continue. After converting you will be provided with a link to download the ePub file.

Limitations of Epub2Go:

  • It can only convert PDFs that are less than 30MB.
  • Only non-vector images are converted.
  • Tables are not converted.

Visit: Epub2Go

ePub Bud
ePub Bud can convert all types of ebooks, such as PDF, doc and more to ePub format. After uploading you can edit your ebook, change cover and if you want, make it publicly available to everyone on the site.
All uploaded ebooks are stored at ePub Bud. You have the option of reading online or downloading it.

ePub Bud can convert books of up to 100 Mb.

More FREE features offered by ePub Bud:

  • Create an eBook: You can write and publish a book online and share it with anyone you want.
  • Digitize a Real Book: Mail any physical children’s book and they will digitize it for you.
  • Sell Your eBook: You can also sell your created book through ePub Bud or the Apple iBookstore.
  • Download an eBook: Browse and download any ebooks shared by others.

Visit: ePub Bud

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