Move Installed Applications to Another Drive

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Ran out of space on your default drive? No worries. Here are two applications that can move any installed applications from your C:\ to any another drive which has got lots of space.

Steam Mover
Steam Mover moves application and it’s associated data to another drive while leaving a shortcut pointing to the new location.

Simply browser to the drive and highlight the application folder(s) you want to move. Select a destination path and finally hit move. That’s it.

Steam Mover uses the built-in Windows commands: xcopy, rd, and mklink to move folders. These commands are available only in Windows Vista and Windows 7. It also requires an NTFS formatted drive.

Steam Mover is a portable application. It will not work on Windows XP or FAT formatted drives.

Download: Steam Mover [2.52 Mb]

Application Mover
Application Mover is a tool that does a complete relocation of installed applications from one drive to another. Application Mover moves files specified in the ‘Current Path‘ field to the ‘New Path‘ path.

After moving all the files, Application Mover then scans the registry and start menu for references to files located in the old location and changes those references to the new location. Finally, all .ini and Install.log files present in the original program path are checked for strings matching the old path location. If found, these strings are changed to the new location.

Files that are open will not be moved and a reboot is prompted for them. Pending changes are then completed after the reboot.

Application Mover works with all Windows versions.

Download: Application Mover