Decode, Generate QR Code

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What is a QR Code?
QR Code (Quick Response) is a matrix barcode (2 dimensional barcode) which allow its contents to be decoded at rapid speeds. QR Codes were originally used for tracking of vehicle manufacturing, now they are used in applications aimed at mobile phone users.

Smart phone users can download applications which scans the code with the phone’s camera. Once the mobile user has scanned the QR code which are found in magazines, billboards, business cards or packaging – it will reveal text, contact information, phone numbers or open a webpage in the phone’s browser. This instant link to the code’s origin and its message is an interactive marketing sensation.

Here are two ways to decode QR Codes on your computer:
ZXing (pronounced “zebra crossing”) is an application that primarily allows smart phones users to take picture of QR code and decode it on the device itself, without connecting to the internet. It also has an online decoder where you can upload an image or provide a link to the image of the code and decode it.

Visit: ZXing Decoder

bcTester: This is a standalone application for Windows, it can decode QR Code from an image or a PDF. Download the application, load the code and hit the QR icon to decode it.

Download: bcTester

Now to create QR Codes, there’s the QR Code Generator. It’s a part of the ZXing Project.

Select the type of content you want, fill in the details and click on Generate. You will be presented with a QR Code on the right, which you can download or embed anywhere online with the given link.

A QR Code with these contents can be created: Calendar event, Contact information, Email address, Geo Location, Phone Number, SMS, Text, URL, and Wifi network.

Visit: QR Code Generator