Create Network Drive to Access Files on Dropbox, Google Docs, FTP & More

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There are many clouds services available, some free while others charge you for the storage space. Some options you have are Dropbox, Google Docs, or even a personal FTP server. You will typically choose one and move on or use them all, some more effectively than others. This is the problem that Otixo, a new web appp, is trying to solve.

Otixo basically gives you an interface for managing all of your cloud services in one location. You can use it directly from your internet browser or from your Windows desktop.

At the moment it includes support for Dropbox, Google Docs,, FTP accounts and WebDav. You can get access to files on all your cloud services with a single sign on, search across them, and moves files between them without downloading.

If you are Windows user, you can even mount your Otixo account as a network drive and manage all your accounts and files from your desktop. Before going further, first you need to sign-up for Otixo and connect your cloud services using its web application. Once you do that, follow these step-by-step instructions to setup the network drive:

Setup Otixo Network Drive

Open My Computer and from the toolbar, select “Map Network Drive”.

A Dialog will appear. In that select a free drive letter you want to assign to the network drive. Then in the “Folder:” field, enter “”. You can also optionally ask it connect every time you logon.

Map Network Drive to Otixo Account
Map Network Drive to Otixo Account

Press the “Finish” button and a new dialog should appear.

Otixo Login
Otixo Login

Enter your Otixo username and password, and press the “OK” button.

That’s it. You should see a new drive named “” in “My Computer” under “Network Location.”

You can now open, edit, copy-paste, upload and delete your files in the cloud services just like your other files and folders on your computer. Each service is accessible as a folder in the drive. Whenever you add or remove any service on Otixo web app, the changes are instantly seen on your computer.

Very handy indeed. The only drawback I see thus far is a limited range of services offered,but since this is still a public beta we can expect to see other services in future. I personally would like to see support for Microsoft SkyDrive, or photo sharing website Picasa.

Otixo is a free service and you can sign up for it at the link below.

Visit: Otixo

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