Know Your Browser’s CSS3 and HTML5 Capabilities with

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Want to know which of the fancy new CSS3 and HTML5 features are supported by your favorite browser? Simply head on to Haz. is a simple single-page website that display an overview of popular CSS3 and HTML5 features in a categorized list format.

When you visit the website, it automatically detects your browser and the features it support, and displays it in a neat tabular format. Full supported features are indicated with a “Y” next to it, medium supported with a “M,” and those features which are not at all supported are indicated with a “N” next to it. If you need more details about a particular feature, just a click on it will take you to its page on the W3C website.

You can visit from any browser on any device and know what it is capable of.

If you are a web designer, or if you are just keen to know your browser capabilities, you will find handy. Haz is open source, and is based on Modernizr. You can get its source code from GitHub.