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New Way to Embed Media Files on Website With Yahoo! WebPlayer

Yahoo has just released a powerful web-based media player called Yahoo! Media Player. It’s written in HTML and Javascript, and supports a variety of video and audio formats. including MP3 and WMA and internet contents such as YouTube and Yahoo Video. Support for more media formats, video/audio services and categories will be added in upcoming releases.

Yahoo! WebPlayer provides an extremely easy way for website owners and publishers to add audio and video to their Web pages. All one has to do is add one line of code (seen below) to their page and link to a media file or mention a recognized term in the post.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> 

When the page loads, the player scans its contents and adds a play button next to each playable item. When clicked, an in-page player opens up and start playing all multimedia content on that page as a unified playlist.

Yahoo! WebPlayer

With Yahoo WebPlayer, it would no longer be required to clutter up your page with embedded players or copy over giant embed code from YouTube. You can just add a link to the YouTube video on the page and that will do. Basically, this application makes embedded content look fancier on a website. So it’s not really a YouTube competitor as YouTube is one of the sources for content.

WebPlayer is still in beta mode, so there might be some quirks and incompatibility issues. You can view samples, instructions to set up and customize Yahoo WebPlayer at the below link.

Get code and view samples: Yahoo! WebPlayer

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