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Find Keyboard Shortcuts for all your Desktop and Online Applications

Keyboard shortcuts helps one save valuable time by eliminating the need of constantly switching hand between keyboard and mouse.

Now, if you don’t know the keyboard shortcuts of your frequently used application, or if you have just started using a new application and want to learn its keyboard shortcuts, check out KeyXL.

KeyXL is an all-in-one place to find out keyboard shortcuts of all your desktop and online applications.

On this site you will find keyboard shortcuts for Windows, Mac, Linux and several online applications. All applications are organized and neatly displayed by category and platform, allowing you to quickly find an app you are looking for.

There’s also a useful search box provided, at the top of the page, where you can directly enter and search for any application.

The site is constantly updated, and if you find any application missing, you can request them to add it or you can even submit it yourself.

Visit: KeyXL

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