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Free Online Speech to Text Dictation Application : TalkTyper

TalkTyper is a free speech-to-text web application that lets you dictate to your web browser and get your work done quickly. The app supports a number of languages – 18 to be exact – which includes Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Arabic, Czech, along with American and European English, making it useful for people from various linguistic backgrounds.

Working with TalkTyper

TalkTyper’s functioning can be summarized in three simple steps: Click, Speak, and Copy.

Start off by selecting your speech language, and then click on the microphone icon to enable speech input mode.

Speak what you want to transcribe. When your speech is recognized, transcribed text will appear in red font at the top. If the text is not right, a click on the “Alternatives” button will show you some more similar recognized texts, or if the app got it right, just click on the downward pointing button to accept and add text to bottom text field. Before adding, you can also hear the text by clicking the Speaker icon.
Note that while dictating, you can also say things like “period”, “comma”, “question mark”, etc. to add basic punctuation to your text.

Thereafter, in the bottom text field, you can edit your entire dictated text for punctuation, translate to another language, and copy text to clipboard for use in other applications. You also get options to directly share text on Twitter, send as an email, or print out as a hard copy.

TalkTyper Settings allow you to enable Safe Mode (filter profanity), fix Simple Grammar (gonna, wanna, etc) and enable AutoSave options. In addition to that, you can change the Font Style and the Font Size from the drop-down menus, and select a text playback engine.

All-in-all TalkTyper is a handy, easy-to-use app. It’s ideal for people who have to type a lot and wish to give their hands a rest.

TalkTyper uses Chrome’s text-to-speech feature for speech recognition (introduced in Chrome version 11). So that’s the only supported browser. I tried it on Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer, but was requested to download Chrome. However, if you are already on Chrome, click on the below link to try out the app.

Visit: TalkTyper

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