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Search and Download Videos from Facebook with Facetofind

Facebook is one of the largest video sharing portals on the web but unfortunately Facebook does not provide a sufficient way to search videos. So, untill Facebook comes up with a better engine for videos, here’s Facetofind.

Facetofind is a simple and free web app that let you search Facebook videos without any hassle. The interface is simple and the functionality is awesome.

You can search videos by either specifying names or some keywords describing them.

And when you have find the video that you were looking for, you can watch it in full screen and post comments on the video like YouTube. If you are logged in, the comment will be posted on your facebook profile. Videos can also be downloaded.

If you like the video, then you share it with your friends or embed it on your profile.

The site also includes sections where you can see the most popular videos of the day, and also a section that lists the most recent videos that have been added to Facebook.

Visit: Facetofind

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