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Shares Files Browser-to-Browser without Limits

Web site FilesOverMiles shares files directly between your web browser and the person you want to share with, cutting out the web server as a middleman for instant, uncapped* peer-to-peer file sharing between two users.

Using FilesOverMiles is simple. Like any other file-sharing site, you start by choosing the file you want to share. The difference is that rather than immediately starting to upload the file to a FilesOverMiles server, the webapp simply creates a unique, private URL that you give to the person you want to share the file with. Email or IM that link to the person of your choice, and when they visit that URL, their browser will immediately begin downloading the file directly from you. That also means an extra layer of privacy, since your important data will never end up on someone else’s server.

It’s important to note that the file is only available to share while the page is open. Close the browser or navigate away from the page and the URL is no longer valid.

* Many traditional file-sharing web applications have a 100MB (or so) file-size limit. With FilesOverMiles, the maximum file size depends on your own computer as well as the computer in use by the recipient.

This limit is only because FilesOverMiles is based on Adobe Flash Player that requires that the uploaded or downloaded file is stored entirely in the computer memory (RAM). As a consequence, a sender may upload only those files that are smaller than the memory available on his/her computer. In turn, a recipient may download only those files that are smaller than half of the memory available on his/her computer. Hopefully, upcoming versions of Adobe Flash Player will remove this limitation and then FilesOverMiles will have no file size limits.

FilesOverMiles is currently in beta and is free to use.

Visit: FilesOverMiles

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